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Future boiling granulating machine should with new faces towards the international market
Author: Released:2018-12-21 17:05:16 Click:
Boiling granulator, mixing, granulating, drying in the same sealed container a complete equipment. Boiling granulating machine is our country medicine industry in the 1980 s, on the basis of introduction of foreign same kind products, after digestion and absorption, improvement of the design. Because of simple operation, superior performance, can satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical, food industry, most of the particles are disintegrating degree is strong, good liquidity, instant sex good, can be directly used to make tablet particles, infusion of granule, capsule, granule, etc., are widely used in dry and granulating of Chinese and western medicine.
With the improvement of national GMP standard and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry production process requirements of product promotion, the traditional boiling granulating dryer to transformation and upgrading.
, experts say, boiling granulating machine should be the organic combination of mechanical design and granulating process, whatever the granulator equipment, all need according to the requirement of the material feature combination process for special design.
Powder material, for example, the difference in liquidity, the traditional boiling granulating dryer in the process of granulating, the dust is easy to cause pollution to the pharmaceutical workshop and equipment, and is easy to explosion, dust workshop for workers and equipment will have a big impact. In addition, the traditional boiling granulating dryer is blind Angle, it is not convenient to clean.